WBC facilitated a team building event for the senior leadership team of a European investor with assets in the Middle East. The team wanted to agree how team members would work together to achieve the company’s strategic objectives.  The aim was to identify and characterise the behavioural norms for the team going forward.

WBC designed a customized agenda for the day and developed team activities, group exercises and team diagnostic tools specific to the event.  WBC facilitated the 2 day event to ensure that the team’s desired outcome was achieved.

Event ratings:

Would you recommend that team development is continued at future events?:  8.5/10

How do you rate the venue and facilities?:  9.3/10

Feedback included:

“The start of a charter with common principles is a big step forward.”
“The imperative to work more closely as a team and communicate clearly and openly.”
“Improved communication and collaboration.”

“Better teamwork.”

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