WBC delivered a Petroleum Economics and Fiscal Systems training course in January.  A national oil company in Asia wanted to invest outside its home country and a key aspect of this initiative is building the capabilities of its project managers, analysts and economists in international petroleum economics. A broader understanding of global fiscal systems was also required, with a deep dive into countries of specific interest.

WBC designed, developed and delivered a customised course that included research into specific fiscal systems of interest to the client in Asia, South America and The Middle East.

Course ratings:

Would you recommend this course to your friends and colleagues?:  8.1/10
Did this course meet your objectives?:  8.0/10

Feedback included:

“This course gave a huge insight on the contracts and fiscal systems. Thank you very much.”
“Thank you so much for your time. This course brings a wide perspective on the industry.”
“This course introduced me to many different examples of economics that I will try to use back at my work.”

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