WBC delivered its first Finance for non-Finance Managers course in December.  The client, an onshore, mature oil field operator in Azerbaijan, sought our help in bringing greater financial rigour to its operations.  WBC designed and developed a customised course for the leadership team that gave them a shared understanding of the financial risks and opportunities facing the business.  The course helped the CEO and his direct reports to:

  • learn how financial management can support better decision making
  • understand how finance can be leveraged to create value in O&G businesses
  • and learn how actions can affect the financial outcome.

Course ratings:

What impact do you think this course will have on your ability to do things better?:  8.3/10
Has this course changed your understanding or views of the industry?:  7.5/10

Feedback included:

“An excellent insight into business decisions and valuation.”
“This course increased my awareness about the way the finances work.”
“I now have a better understanding of the financial world and terms.”

Find out more about this finance course by taking a look at our case study (#13) here.