WBC delivered its acclaimed Project Governance course in October.  The course was delivered online via Zoom – a full-time moderator ensured that everyone warmed up to the online environment very quickly, and the format that was well received.

WBC’s client for the project governance course was a global engineering and consulting contractor that provides services to major industrial and infrastructure projects.  The client wanted to develop its capabilities in project execution by building project governance concepts into its management procedures, thereby enabling their project teams to better align with customer requirements.

There was plenty of discussion and participation, with signiificant debate about the project owner’s perspective and how the owner relates to its contractors.  It was a hands on course where attendees were taken through various fictional projects and took part in break-out sessions on KPIs, and other key governance activities.  The exercise on assurance reviews required teams to rank project issues according to impact and urgency, and then normalise the output across the group to come up with a single project view.  There was lots of  lively interaction!

A guest speaker shared his perspectives on a project that went wrong, and the role of governance in the failure.

Topics covered included:

  • Why Project Governance matters
  • What is Project Governance and its history
  • The lifecycle of a project
  • Doing the right project
  • Doing the project right
  • Projects and portfolios
  • Decision framework clarity
  • Cost and scheduling
  • Key performance indicators
  • Decision support packages
  • Assurance reviews
  • Stakeholder management
  • Project governance implementation
  • Working with partners
  • Latest trends in Project Governance

The course also included a moderated panel session with subject matter experts who shared their first-hand experience with the client, and helped the client to explore how project governance concepts could be best utilized within their organisation.

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