Turkey’s industry association, PETFORM, sponsored and organised the 3 Day MBA in O&G in Ankara in April. Attendees from operators and services companies gathered to discuss how decisions get made in the industry, the latest trends, and how value gets created and destroyed.

The programme was highly interactive with lively debate and discussion on the key dynamics shaping the global oil and gas business today. Presentations were complemented by case studies, group work and exercises. Key topics of interest included the various O&G business models (and the scope to be creative in coming up with new ones!) and strategic considerations when expanding internationally.

Attendees deliberated the differences in approaches to portfolio management of various players. It was noted that there was a wide range of outcomes regarding portfolio sensitivity to oil price. We discussed why this might be the case and factors such as strategic positioning and investor expectations were investigated.

Attendees welcomed the opportunity to step back from day to day work to look at the bigger picture and understand more about the strategic issues facing the industry.

Feedback included:

“Strong impact.  Very well organised content.”

“Got a helicopter view.”

“This course gives me encouragement to do my job intensively.”

“It was a very productive course for me.  Thank you so much.”

“The course develops the advanced business, management and leadership skills for my career.”

“As a lawyer working for clients in the O&G sector I will be able to provide more in depth advice and will be able to negotiate relevant contracts with more inside knowledge.”