The World of Virtual Work

Working from home, remote working, virtual offices - these are concepts that have become more familiar to us during 2020. For some it has been successful, for others a challenge. It's clear that working remotely and leading teams remotely calls for a new and different approach to management. Whether you are managing a team online or simply managing your own workload at home, this series of four workshops will give you key insights into making the most of your time and resources, helping you and your team perform better.

This workshop is for anyone working remotely or running teams working remotely.

These are highly interactive training sessions, and numbers are limited to a maximum of 12 participants.

There are four workshops, running over 14 1-hour sessions. Each workshop can be taken separately or as a group.

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1. Working Essentials – Personal

Productivity, connectivity and well-being.

2. Working Essentials – Team

Direction, structure and support.

3. Management Essentials

Communication and decision making.

4. Courageous Conversations

Identifying difficult situations and taking a structured approach.

Online Delivery

Limited time and limited budget for training? These short online workshops are designed for you and your colleagues. Lasting no more than 2 hours, they provide a short, inspiring and practical guide to improving your capabilities in a particular area of management. They can be taken individually or as part of the whole series.

Ideal for small teams – maximum number of participants is 12 – who want to learn together and develop new ideas, without leaving the office or incurring high costs.

For more information, please telephone or WhatsApp +44 754 026 9827 or email us at