Leadership Development

Is Leadership an art or a science? For managers who have started their careers with professional and technical qualifications, developing the capabilities to lead teams and projects involving multiple functions and disciplines can be a challenge. But in an uncertain, changing world, leadership has never been more important and it's vital managers have the skills and knowledge to motivate teams and drive performance. Join this series of workshops to develop your leadership skills, understand your own strengths and preferred styles as you learn how to to help your team perform at their best.

These workshops are for new and existing team leaders especially in complex and capital-intensive businesses such as telecoms, infrastructure and energy.

These are highly interactive training sessions, and numbers are limited to a maximum of 12 participants.

This series runs as six 1.5-hour sessions. Each can be taken separately or as a group.

For more information. please telephone us on +44 754 026 9827 or email us at training@wbctraining.com.

1. Know Yourself & Others

Personal and interpersonal skills.

2. Impact & Presence

Physical presence and your ability to be heard.

3. Leaders vs Managers

Why they are different and defining great leadership.

4. Design Thinking – Problem Solving

Solving problems and creating plans.

5. The Leader as Coach

The purpose of coaching.

6. Resilience & Mental Strength

What is resilience and why it matters.

Online Delivery

Limited time and limited budget for training? These short online workshops are designed for you and your colleagues. Lasting no more than 2 hours, they provide a short, inspiring and practical guide to improving your capabilities in a particular area of management. They can be taken individually or as part of the whole series.

Ideal for small teams – maximum number of participants is 12 – who want to learn together and develop new ideas, without leaving the office or incurring high costs.

For more information, please telephone or WhatsApp +44 754 026 9827 or email us at training@wbctraining.com.