Corporate Social Responsibility

It's no longer enough for a project or a business simply to be financially successful. Managers need to understand and deal with the expectations of multiple stakeholders, whether they are investors looking at "ESG valuations", governments assigning contracts or local communities affected by major projects, as well as staff and customers. Get it right, and it's a competitive advantage that gives stakeholders confidence and builds your reputation. Join this workshop to understand best practice and develop and action plan for your own organisation or project.

With a particular focus on staff in politically sensitive and complex sectors such as energy, mining, infrastructure and telecoms this workshop is designed for those working in government and community relations, project managers, and security managers.

This workshop runs as 3 x 1 hour sessions. These are highly interactive, and numbers are limited to a maximum of 12 participants.

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1.  People

Build inclusivity and community while recognising differences in gender, ethnicity, and political and religious affiliation.

2.  Planet

Understand how the use of water and land can support eco-systems and bio-diversity.

3.  Partnership

A comprehensive approach to engaging with local communities, local government and central government.

3.  Prosperity

Develop consistent and effective ways to share financial and economic benefits while protecting business integrity.

4.  Peace

Removing the potential for conflict and corrupt practices, ensuring human rights and respecting the rule of law.

Online Delivery

Limited time and limited budget for training? These short online workshops are designed for you and your colleagues. Lasting no more than 2 hours, they provide a short, inspiring and practical guide to improving your capabilities in a particular area of management. They can be taken individually or as part of the whole series.

Ideal for small teams – maximum number of participants is 12 – who want to learn together and develop new ideas, without leaving the office or incurring high costs.

For more information, please telephone/WhatsApp +44 754 026 9827 or email us at