Assessing the Clean Hydrogen Opportunity

There's a lot of talk about clean hydrogen as the green fuel of the future. What's the reality? What are the opportunities in clean hydrogen, especially for oil and gas companies faced with an industry in transition? Join this workshop to understand the technologies, the market dynamics and the risks and opportunities in a new hydrogen market.

This is a workshop for anyone interested in the future of the energy business, particularly those in the oil and gas sector looking at strategies for a low carbon world.

These are highly interactive training sessions, and numbers are limited to a maximum of 12 participants.

This workshop runs as four 2 hour sessions. Each can be taken separately or as a group.

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1. Hydrogen Production from Hydrocarbons

Technologies, competitors and economics.

2. Hydrogen Production from Other Sources

Technologies, competitors and economics.

3. Hydrogen as a Tradeable Fuel

Supply chains, transport and distribution.

4. Hydrogen Demand, Competition & Policy

Hydrogen’s position in the energy market.

Online Delivery

Limited time and limited budget for training? These short online workshops are designed for you and your colleagues. Lasting no more than 2 hours, they provide a short, inspiring and practical guide to improving your capabilities in a particular area of management. They can be taken individually or as part of the whole series.

Ideal for small teams – maximum number of participants is 12 – who want to learn together and develop new ideas, without leaving the office or incurring high costs.

For more information, please telephone or WhatsApp +44 754 026 9827 or email us at