Contracts & Negotiations in Oil & Gas

Contracts are what make the oil and gas industry work. Getting them right is crucial to success, whether you are in an oil company or government ministry. Join this course to improve your capabilities in negotiating and executing contracts.

You will understand the the different types of commercial contracts and how they work together, and learn robust negotiating techniques.  You will be able to identify risks and pre-empt problems and disputes. It will give you a clear understanding of the different roles and obligations of all parties, giving you greater confidence and credibility in contract discussions.

We also offer the International Oil & Gas Contracts course, focusing on the legal frameworks and key legal issues behind oil and gas contracts.

Who Should Attend

Anyone in the oil and gas business who is involved in contract negotiations will benefit from this course. This includes project managers, commercial managers and government officials as well as in-house counsel and private practice lawyers who are engaged in oil and gas law.

Course Content

Run over 3 Days in the classroom, or 5 days for the online version, this is an interactive programme with plenty of exercises and case studies.

The course covers:

  • Negotiating contracts in the oil and gas sector
  • Government policy, Granting Instruments
  • The investor’s perspective of contracts
  • Joint Ventures, Unitisation
  • Production Sharing Contracts
  • Farm Outs
  • Transportation, Processing & Sales

Classroom & Online Delivery

We deliver these courses in London, Lagos, and Erbil, as well as online. We also run them as in-house programmes for teams within the same company.

Online Delivery – For clients who prefer not to travel or who cannot spare the time from the office, the online course consists of 2x 2-hour sessions per day over 5 days. We limit the number of partiicipants to ensure as much interactivity as possible. In all other respects it is identical to the classroom course.

Feedback from Participants

Did this course meet your objectives? Score: 1 = No, not at all; 10 = Yes, fully.

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