Trust in Action

Would you like to develop interpersonal skills that build trust in the workplace? Join this one-day programme to understand how to unlock your growth potential

Effective leadership and teamwork need trust, a quality that is challenging to establish and maintain. Building trust is crucial for both new leaders and team members, playing a pivotal role in ensuring success. Trust is a must-have for change management and organisational transformation. Customised for leaders and professionals in various industries and roles, our one-day course on workplace trust has been carefully designed to grow your influence. This immersive experience targets individuals aiming to refine interpersonal skills, foster team collaboration, and cultivate high-performance organisations that transcend traditional command and control structures.

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Who Should Attend

This one-day course is designed for leaders and professionals across various sectors, ideal for enhancing interpersonal skills, fostering team collaboration, and building high-performing organisations. Whether you’re a new leader establishing trust or a team member contributing to an open culture, this program addresses your needs. It equips you with a foundation to navigate change, lead transformations, and enhance your impact within the team, ensuring success in today’s complex and uncertain world.




Course Content

Run over 1 Day in the classroom, or 1.5 days for the online version, it’s an interactive programme with plenty of exercises and case studies. The course covers:

  • Why trust matters
  • Trust and you – three critical components
  • The importance of context
  • Knowing yourself and knowing others
  • The power of revelation
  • The WBC CREST Model for trust
  • What to do when things go wrong

Classroom & Online Delivery

We deliver this course twice a year in London, as well as online. We also run it as an in-house programme for teams within the same company.

Online Delivery – For clients who prefer not to travel or who cannot spare the time from the office, the online course consists of 3 x 2-hour sessions spread over one or one and a half days. We limit the number of participants to ensure as much interactivity as possible. In all other respects it is identical to the classroom course.

For more information on the Trust in Action course, please telephone/WhatsApp +44 754 026 9827 or email us at

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