WBC’s online oil & gas training course, “The 3 Day MBA in O&G”, was delivered to a group of oil companies and oil services companies in October.  This was the second online oil & gas training delivered by WBC and it was very highly rated by delegates.  The training course was based on WBC’s popular “3 Day MBA in Oil & Gas” but delivered in bite-sized chunks over one week (2×2-hour sessions per day) in an online format.

The online oil and gas training programme was highly interactive with lively debate and discussion on the global dynamics shaping the oil and gas business today. Presentations were complimented by case studies, group work and exercises. Of topical interest was the marginal field bidding round organised in Nigeria.

Delegates deliberated the differences in government policies between different countries in West Africa. It was noted that Ghana seems to offer better terms to investors with government take lower than in other countries. Delegates discussed why this might be the case and factors such as operating environment, prospectivity and risk were investigated.

Online Oil & Gas training feedback provided by delegates

“This course has provided a better understanding of commercial issues which drive decision making in oil and gas companies. This will help in advising our oil and gas clients on a myriad of issues which impact their business and also in negotiating on their behalf.”

“I can evaluate whether or not what I have learnt has been taken into consideration in the decision making processes.”

Online Oil & Gas training course evaluation

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The course was delivered by Angus Warren and the next online course will be held on 19-23 April 2021.

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