We hear a lot about leadership these days: to get people around you to do things, you need to lead rather than to command   Managers who focused on developing their leadership skills early in their career are now achieving greater success than those who didn’t.  As your leadership skills grow, so too will your opportunities.

Leaders are made, not born.  Managers become leaders through thinking and behaving in certain ways, and you will get much better results when you know what those ways are and how to use them.  See our one page guide to these behavioural skills.

Leadership can be learned, but it absolutely starts with learning about, and knowing yourself.

Some managers never take the step into leadership because they choose to ignore themselves, preferring to focus on external factors – eg processes, markets, other people.

If you want to know yourself a good starting point is to learn from your life experiences.  Use these to understand your strengths & weaknesses and your preferred behavioural styles.

Good leadership improves performance by challenging and motivating people to reach their potential.  And the first step is always to know – and challenge – yourself.

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