“Good leadership starts with trust” says one of WBC’s leadership directors, “But leaders have to earn trust and if they don’t team performance will fall dramatically”.

WBC has developed a model for to help leaders to build up their and team members trust in one another.  It’s called CREST and it has five elements:

  1. Credibility.  Having the experience, skills and qualifications others expect – often these will be the hard skills.
  2. Reliability.  Earning a reputation for delivering on and exceeding expectations.  For your actions to match your words.
  3. Empathy.  Understanding and respecting others’ needs and values.
  4. Safety.  Creating a culture where it’s okay to take risks and speak up.
  5. Time.  Creating time to make connections and consistency of actions and behaviours over time.

When you have a moment of quiet time to yourself, make a note of:

  1. Credibility – what qualifications and experience have I got that gives me credibility in my business? What stories could I tell? Where are my gaps?
  2. Reliability – find 2 examples in my career – one where I have delivered on a promise, one where I have not; what caused the “not”? What might I have done differently?
  3. Empathy – what have I done to find out what others want and need? Have I ever ignored the feelings and expectations of others?
  4. Safety – find 2 examples in my career where I have provided a safe environment and where I have not; what caused the “not”?
  5. Time –  what do I do to make connections and ensure I give time to others?

This simple reflection and analysis will be the starting point for building trust in you and your team.

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