Climate Change – Opportunities for Oil & Gas in the Transition to Low Carbon Energy

The  basic results of our report  are not very surprising – confirming both previous WBC reports and broader, current surveys around the world, though there are some interesting regional variations. More importantly, it’s what the industry should be doing about reducing emissions that is interesting. Two items stand out: first, a strong call for much greater investment in technologies that will enable a much greener, cleaner production and distribution process, and second, a call to diversify into low carbon energy sources such as wind and solar. And as the paper points out, many of these activities present challenges that the oil and gas industry has been dealing with for decades – whether it’s offshore wind projects or carbon capture and storage – and where oil and gas firms have an unrivalled competitive advantage. It’s an advantage they need to exploit if, as a recent UN paper put it,  they are to “be part of the solution or remain part of the problem”.

To help address some of the challenges involved, we are pleased to announce the launch of a 3-Day MBA on Energy in Transition programme, which will cover many of the issues raised by Climate Change and help oil and gas executives meet their low-carbon targets.