This was the first online oil & gas training delivered by WBC and it was very highly rated by delegates.  The online oil & gas training course was based on WBC’s popular “3 Day MBA in Oil & Gas” but delivered in bite sized chunks over 2 weeks in an online format. Clearly, with Covid travel restrictions likely to be in place for some time, this format will be increasingly popular and we are delighted to see how much clients enjoy it and are still able to benefit from both the content and the networking opportunities.

The online programme was highly interactive with lively debate and discussion on the global dynamics shaping the global oil and gas business today. Presentations were complemented by case studies, group work and exercises. Of topical interest was the marginal field bidding round organised by DPR.

As an aside, readers can access a recording and the slides from WBC’s marginal field business case presentation by completing this form here.

Delegates deliberated the differences in government policies between Nigeria and neighbour Ghana. It was noted that Ghana seems to offer better terms to investors with government take lower than in Nigeria. We discussed why this might be the case and factors such as operating environment, prospectivity and risk were investigated. Delegates welcomed the opportunity to step back from day to day work to look at the bigger picture and understand more about the strategic issues facing the industry.

Feedback included

“The impact will be significant, particularly in creating proposals that will add value to our client’s business.”

“Improved communication and presentation of board papers;

“Increased knowledge of the business not visible in my role which would improve how I provide support to the technical team and the business division generally.”